A Sleep Apnea Therapy Device

A Sleep Apnea Therapy Device

Is Bongo Rx right for you?

Key Attributes of the Bongo Rx

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With its soft nasal seals, the Bongo Rx is easy to use, requires no power, and is perfect for traveling.

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Bongo Rx is a FDA cleared, prescription device for treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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Bongo Rx is reusable and is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket so patients can use it……anytime, anywhere.

How does Bongo Rx work?

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The innovative Bongo Rx is a simple device that has soft nasal seals to form a seal within the nasal openings. During inhalation, small valves open to allow you to breathe normally through the device. During exhalation, the valves close directing exhaled air through specifically designed vent holes to generate EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure), which props open the patient’s airway until you inhale again.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Patients with obstructive sleep apnea experience the collapsing of the airway during sleep. This causes a decrease or stop in airflow during sleep, despite an ongoing effort to breathe .

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With Bongo Rx

During exhalation, exhaled air is directed through specifically designed vent holes to generate EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure), which props open the patient’s airway until you inhale again.


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My wife Roberta was diagnosed to have sleep apnea and had…always complained that the CPAP equipment was uncomfortable. Two months ago, she was fitted for the Bongo Rx….She is getting a good night’s sleep without snoring. … She has told me that the Bongo Rx is easy to use, comfortable and that she will no longer use her CPAP equipment after using Bongo Rx. As a pulmonary physician I have been impressed with the Bongo Rx and have witnessed firsthand the advantages of using Bongo. … read more

Larry Tankanow, MD FACP FCCP

First of all the Bongo Rx has stopped me from snoring. I feel extremely fresh in the morning. … This also does not leave a mark on my face like CPAP machines can. It can fit in my travel kit without any problem. I can’t believe it’s such a simple device and works so well. Thank you for sending me a demo it has really changed my life. My mother is using the Bongo Rx. My mother is in her mid-70s and…She states that she is extremely fresh throughout the day as well. My dad typically sleeps one or two hours after her and States that finally after 53 years she’s not snoring when he goes to bed. …read more Regards,

Amir Piracha, MD

I received the Bongo Rx device. This device could revolutionize the sleep industry, especially if it is capable of producing the same clinical improvement one sees with standard CPAP devices. As a Sleep Apnea sufferer, I was Very Impressed with the innovative simplicity of the device. I have used the Bongo Rx device over the weekend and found it comfortable and clinically, I felt as good the next day as when I use the standard equipment. …read more Regards,

Brazell H. Carter, MD

My wife was on a Respironics CPAP machine, after having a sleep test done. She was on a pressure of 6, and only wore the mask a few nights and tossed it in the closet. She said she could not stand how the pressure felt, said it was hard to sleep with the hose, and it messed up her hair. I gave her a Bongo to try, and she woke up the following morning feeling refreshed and said she slept well. She made the comment “freedom from the hose”. She now wears it every night, and returned her cpap machine.

Richard, North Carolina

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