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Fitting Bongo Rx

The Bongo Rx All Sizes Starter Kit comes with four different sizes. Follow the instructions to find the size that forms a comfortable, stable seal inside your nose. We recommend that you try all four sizes before selecting a final size.

Cleaning Bongo Rx

Since the Bongo Rx is designed to be reusable, it is important to keep your device clean. Follow the instructions to clean your device.

Using the optional headgear for Bongo Rx

If you are an “active” sleeper who moves around a lot, you may prefer the added security brought by the optional headgear accessory that comes standard with your Bongo Rx kit. Follow the instructions to use the Zero-TensionTM Headgear Accessory.

Where to Buy Bongo Rx

Bongo Rx requires a prescription. Click here to schedule a Telemedicine Visit to request a prescription for Bongo Rx.

Once you have your prescription, purchase Bongo Rx from your local respiratory medical equipment provider or any of these online retailers. (Note: You will have to present your prescription to the equipment provider at the time of purchase.)

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